Pacifier Clips

Super Adorable Customized Pacifier Clips!!! 

Any mom knows that when baby needs a paci... sometimes they are hard to find.  And how many times have you spent looking for somewhere to wash off the pacifier that you sweet little one threw down.... again! 

Solution:  Our Adorable Pacifier Clips.  Simply attach this pacifier clip to baby's clothes and your pacifiers will always be neat, clean, and close at hand!

Each pacifier clip is just $2 and comes in a cute
ready-to-give gift bag!

Available Ribbon Choices:

1. Zebra
2. Black w/ White Diamonds
3. Pink w/ White Polka Dots
4. White w/ Black Trim
5. Red w/ Black Dots
6. Floral
7. Pink w/ White Trim
8. Yellow
9. Purple w/ Blue Dots
10. Pink w/ Green Dots
11. Pink w/ Green, Purple, and Blue Dots
12. Patriotic
13. Paw Prints
14. Orange w/ Yellow Trim
15. Multicolored Stripe
16. White w/ Black Dots
17. Pink Feet and Hand Prints
18. Christmas